Matching highly non-ideal ocular images: An information fusion approach

Arun Ross, Raghavender Jillela, Jonathon M Smereka, Vishnu Boddeti, BVK Vijaya Kumar, Ryan Barnard, Xiaofei Hu, Paul Pauca, Robert Plemmons
ICB 2012 (Oral).


We consider the problem of matching highly non-ideal ocular images where the iris information cannot be reliably used. Such images are characterized by non-uniform illumination, motion and de-focus blur, off-axis gaze, and non-linear deformations. To handle these variations, a single feature extraction and matching scheme is not sufficient. Therefore, we propose an information fusion framework where three distinct feature extraction and matching schemes are utilized in order to handle the significant variability in the input ocular images. The Gradient Orientation Histogram (GOH) scheme extracts the global information in the image; the modified Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) extracts local edge anomalies in the image; and a Probabilistic Deformation Model (PDM) handles nonlinear deformations observed in image pairs. The simple sum rule is used to combine the match scores generated by the three schemes. Experiments on the extremely challenging Face and Ocular Challenge Series (FOCS) database and a subset of the Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) database confirm the efficacy of the proposed approach to perform ocular recognition.