Constrained Sampling: Optimum Reconstruction in Subspace with Minimax Regret Constraint

Bashir Sadeghi, Runyi Yu and Vishnu Boddeti 2019. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing


This paper considers the problem of optimum reconstruction in generalized sampling-reconstruction processes (GSRPs). We propose constrained GSRP, a novel framework that minimizes the reconstruction error for inputs in a subspace, subject to a constraint on the maximum regret-error for any other signal in the entire signal space. This framework addresses the primary limitation of existing GSRPs (consistent, subspace and minimax regret), namely, the assumption that the a priori subspace is either fully known or fully ignored. We formulate constrained GSRP as a constrained optimization problem, the solution to which turns out to be a convex combination of the subspace and the minimax regret samplings. Detailed theoretical analysis on the reconstruction error shows that constrained sampling achieves a reconstruction that is 1) (sub)optimal for signals in the input subspace, 2) robust for signals around the input subspace, and 3) reasonably bounded for any other signals with a simple choice of the constraint parameter. Experimental results on sampling-reconstruction of a Gaussian input and a speech signal demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.