Face Alignment Robust to Pose, Expressions and Occlusions

Vishnu Boddeti, Myung-Cheol Roh, Jongju Shin, Takaharu Oguri, Takeo Kanade
Arxiv 2017 .


We propose an Ensemble of Robust Constrained Local Models for alignment of faces in the presence of significant occlusions and of any unknown pose and expression. To account for partial occlusions we introduce, Robust Constrained Local Models, that comprises of a deformable shape and local landmark appearance model and reasons over binary occlusion labels. Our occlusion reasoning proceeds by a hypothesize-and-test search over occlusion labels. Hypotheses are generated by Constrained Local Model based shape fitting over randomly sampled subsets of landmark detector responses and are evaluated by the quality of face alignment. To span the entire range of facial pose and expression variations we adopt an ensemble of independent Robust Constrained Local Models to search over a discretized representation of pose and expression. We perform extensive evaluation on a large number of face images, both occluded and unoccluded. We find that our face alignment system trained entirely on facial images captured “in-the-lab” exhibits a high degree of generalization to facial images captured “in-the-wild”. Our results are accurate and stable over a wide spectrum of occlusions, pose and expression variations resulting in excellent performance on many real-world face datasets.